Lipovec, near Teply-Vrch lake / Slovakia Open Air
the HILL-TOP festival - SLOVAKIA

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23. Jun 05 - 04:00 pm   26. Jun 05 - 04:00 pm

Live Performance    HALTYA (Finland)
TUL (planet Earth)
NITRO (Israel)
VERTIGO (Israel)
EAR DRUM KRU (Slovakia)
and MANY MANY more . . .
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DJs    all the Live artists, and MANY surprizes from all over the world - updated daily in
Chillout    every where, the Hill-Top festival goes non-stop for 3-4 days, chillout will be very important, the coolest Chill-DJs of Slovakia and Czech repoblic, will get support from other countries and continents...
Deco    Brezno family & Psylaska, the Union of Flourobotonic, Tipis, tents and ALOT of nature!!!
the Hill-Top festival is happening this year for the 5th time, open-air Trance in Slovakia started from the first festival in 1999. since then loads of parties had happen, the Hill-Top festival brings the Spirit of Goa to East Europe and is the main gathering of the trance tribe in Slovakia and now also in a bigger radius around, the place where ALL the psy tribe meets!
the festival is happening in an AMAZING 360 degrees of hilltops of pure nature with a view of up to 100km around, special mushrooms are growing in the hills of Slovakia and kept for the yearly gathering, the space, vibe and spirit of the people is a perfect environment for maximum Freedom...
there is a gathering in Tribal's house in Slizke, a small Jipsy village 4km before the festival - a forest house, with Tipis, bungalows, hammocks, and a lot of art.
as every year - the line up is kept a secret and surprises with loads of cool artists and better then that - THE BEST - live shows for the real musical bond.
in the highest point all the artists are playing together in a grand concert of synchronized instruments up to 8 players (last festival).
6km from Lipovec is the hottest lake in Slovakia, no engines are allowed in that lake so it's very refreshing to swim and enjoy it in the days before, after, or between the Hill-Top...
there are many beutiful things in this Spirit festival so visit for more info!
Location    22km from Rimavska-Sobota in central-south Slovakia, go north to Teply-Vrch, and then 6km to Lipovec (Lipovets)!
Organizer    Tribal Records
Hotline    +421-907-655383
Thanks to    tribal
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