50129 Bergheim (bei Niederaußem) / Germany Open Air
Naked Festival 2005

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05. Aug 05 - 02:00 pm   07. Aug 05 - 08:00 pm

Live Performance    *******************************************

*** ibojima live *** from sweden
live act since 1986
style: psy-trance
ibojima is from sweden. the group are the 2
members: mathias ”molly kulator” andersson and
magnus holte. they were recognized by the famous
psytrance artist safi connection and he went to
sweden and recorded the first track with ibojima
called “awakening of dawn” which was released on
spliff music’s compilation “propaganda”. the second
release was “apollo project” on the compilation
mythos productions and it’s also released on goa
sound system vol. 5. the latest release is “higher
energy” on the compilation roppongi dreams. an
album is to be expected some time during the year
2005 and will be called “morning glory”.

magnus worked as an artist with his former group juice back in 1996-1997 and released 2 singles signed to polygram / mercury records. He has been writing and producing for more than 10 years.

*** neelix live ***
live act since 2000
style: progressive trance
played in: denmark, greece, uk, switzerland, mexico

*** schlafcola live ***
live act since 1999
this year with a 12-hour-trance set
style: ambient, dub, "chill- out", downbeat, house &
played at: antaris project & fullmoon-festival, fusion,
voov, lovefield, excalibur, soma, nomad, klangwelten,
aurora, ostara, connected by butan-club, ov-silence
tour 2004, obsidian, earth dance 2002, solipse
gathering polen, gambia sos benefiz, antaris 2004

*** marathi live ***
live act since 2000
style: psychedelic trance and full on, morningtrance,
played at: full moon festival, summer explosion,
gathering of the tribes, liwagatrance, klang der
essenzen, experience, freiraum festival and more...

*** space animals live ***
live act since 1999
style: melodic fullon, psytrance
played in: austria, germany, grube sittlinghausen,
sabotage dortmund
projects: der kleine kreis, ma*ch*ma project

DJs    *******************************************

*** atti ***
dj since 1993
style: trance, psytrance, goa, full on
miracle events cult-arnsberg
played in: germany, hungary, italy, england

*** dj n4cer ***
dj since 1994
forced grooves, psychadelic goatrance & acid
played at: soundgarden (duisburg), spirit (dortmund),
evosonicsonix (internet live mixes, technomix 47)

*** daksinamurti ***
dj since 1999
style: new school goatrance & melodic full on
played in: usa,mexico, switzerland, india ,thailand,
austria, belgium

*** tulla ***
dj since 1992
style: energetic morning trance
played in: thailand, spain, south afrika

*** jens lissat ***
dj since 1995
style: trance, progressive house
the godfather of technomusic, wild kisses (silly
spider/universal), white horse (superstar/universal)
played in: hungary, england, spain, france

*** bim ***
dj since 1992
style: the right music at the right time
midijum records, shiva moon, antaris project, indian
spirit, psychedelic circus, goa nation, lovefield, two
moons, dragonfly tour 1999/2000, natraj tempel, cult
(resident), boom, voov
played in: japan , spain, portugal, finnland,
switzerland, netherland, france, israel, england,
belgium, austria, south africa , brazil, greece and
many many more!

*** tekaeh ***
dj since 2004
style: experimentierfreudig
played at: naked festival 2004, resident pit stop

*** der golem ***
dj since 1997
style: goa, psy-trance, fullon
played in: germany, belgium

*** marc wallace ***
dj since 1993
style: fröhliche lalla....
played at: psyevents butan (wuppertal,) poison
(düsseldorf), la rocca (düsseldorf)

*** dj clark kent ***
dj since 1995
style: psychedelic trance, progressive trance, house
projects: resident kitkat-club berlin, insomnia events
specialized on sexual fantasy, dress code, gay party
events, sternradio berlin, sage club berlin, club XS
berlin, a-lounge berlin, garten der lüste berlin,
german fetish ball berlin, alter wartesaal köln, fetish
evolution essen, traxx hamburg

*** t-gate ***
dj since 1994
style: israeli psytrance
pit-stop-events, experience....
played in: amsterdam, denmark, luxemburg

*** infected p.a.t. ***
dj since 1988
style: isra-psy-trance
played at: naked festival 2004, germany
projects: 3N-Project

*** mandhasa ***
dj since 1994
style: psychadelic, isratrance
played in: macedonia, märchen 2001, goacongress

*** benny moon *** (neelix dj set)
dj since 1999
tshitraka open air, indian spirit, ov-silence, anuana tribe open air
played in: greece, uk, denmark, switzerland , austria

*** phoenix ***
dj since 1995
style: progressive trance, full on
played in: hungary, england

*** kobold ***
dj since 1992
style: deep, groovy morning psychedelic, (mushroom
played in: denmark, sweden, france, israel

*** fluoelf *** (from spain)
dj since 2002
style: minimal, progressive & full-on with a funky
spanish dj based in amsterdam
played in: germany, netherland, spain, austria, india

*** dirk backes ***
dj since 1993
style: psychedelic, progressive & neofull on
played in: austria, holland, belgium, germany

*** akome` ***
dj since 1997
style: psytrance
played at: electrics, x-bass, x-house,
housemannskost, mk2 (düsseldorf), consum

*** marvin koala ***
dj since 1993
style: psy, trance, goa & full-on
played in: hungary (budapestparade 2001), austria,
england, italy, germany

*** larimar ***
dj since 1992
tyle: progressive,,
klangregen, hardboiled-records

*** akira indika ***
dj since 1995
resident dj psychedelic internet radio
style: psy trance
played in: cape town, germany, austria, switzerland,
germany, india

*** der 5. gedanke ***
dj since 1992
style: progressive psy trance, happy morning sound,
played in: sweden, italy, france, lituania, hungary,
thailand, usa, russia

*** kiri ***
dj since 2000
style: psychedelic trance, full on
played at: experience, pantrance,
sommernachtsträume,tamil records label &
releaseparties, underground evolution, samsara,
worls of ganesh, psyknall, freirum festival

*** walthari ***
dj since 1997
style: progressive, future trance with tribal sounds
played at: sonics cybertribe netzwerk in Berlin,
hamburg, cologne, psyknall, come to dance,
connecta, obsidian, frühlingsrauschen,
sonnenwend-event, psychoactive vibes, psychedelic
experience, the bards tale, alice im wunderland and

Chillout    *** chill out indoor & outdoor

*** decoration & animation by YOGA >>>
Deco    *** decoration & animation by YOGA >>>
Infos    *** Naked-Festival wird LIVE ins Internet gestreamed
Freitag: 15.00 - Sonntag: 18.00

*** Naked-Festival will be streamed LIVE on the net
friday: 15.00 - sunday: 18.00
Location    *** Wasserburg Geretzhoven ***
*** Watercastle Geretzhoven ***

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